Maseksport Inc. applies a rigorous quality control process in every stage from input of the fabrics to the delivery of the finished products and follows and monitors its manufacturing continuously to keep products within the standards of customers. The company aims to provide the best and the efficient service to the customers by reaching the desired product quality in line with the orders thanks to its tracking and planning systems developed in computer environment ensuring the compliance with the continuity and installation deadlines.
The company has adopted to follow world standards as its guideline within the framework of continuous development and improvement. It has adopted the service understanding to keep the customer satisfaction at the highest level by using the technology in the best way.

Maseksport Inc. offers the high quality product concordant to the customer standards by the efforts of experienced quality assurance staff structured in the organization. The team who works with the principle of zero-defect policy;

  • Detects the errors that may occur during the manufacturing in advance through the quality control checks that they perform during the sample process, and eliminates.
  • Makes error detection of the fabric coming from the supplier and prevents the defected fabric to enter into the cutting process.
  • Calculates the width-basis weight-take up values through fabric laboratory tests and ensures the delivery of the highest quality and efficient cloth drawing to the modelshop.
  • Makes the controls of drylaid, wetlaid and cutting processes and pattern and fabric consumption.
  • Holds the model sharing meeting together with the relevant manufacturing director before the printing and embroidery, sewing, washing and packaging processes and carries out end-line checks and controls along with the in-line checks and controls during the manufacturing process.
  • Conducts the control and check in accordance with the AQL standard before the delivery of goods.
  • Reports the quality level and leads the continuous improvement efforts.
  • Makes the customer quality standards defined by meeting with customers in certain periods and constructs and designs all processes of the enterprise along with these standards.

Maseksport Inc. always directs production planning program by following and tracking supplier deadlines and production achieved in order to achieve the delivery to customers timely.




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